Self Critique: A Photograph

image (4)

This is a photo of me. Besides for the obvious fact that I look terrific, this photograph is not high quality. Let us begin with the negatives: the lighting, the composition, the rule of thirds (or the lack of adherence to), et cetera, et cetera. For now I will stick with these three criteria. The lighting in this photograph is tricky, that is, any photograph taken outside presents the photographer with the challenge of a dark subject or an overexposed image (an image that is too bright). I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, criticizing my photographer, however, it is difficult to see my face (the most important part of the picture). The building behind me, on the other hand, is illuminated by the sun and distracts from the actual subject. Compositionally speaking the photographer and I were not as circumspect in our set-up of the image as we ought to have been. A marble building will of course stand out in the middle of the day, however, we were oblivious to the obvious and took the picture right in front of the large, marble structure. Now my beautiful face is hidden by the shadows. Oh well. Lastly, I would like to address the rule-of thirds. For those that do not know the rule-of thirds describes vertical and horizontal lines that divide an image into thirds in which the vertical lines and horizontal lines intersect at four points in the image. These points (see image below) are the points that attract the viewer’s eye.

image (4)

Therefore, the subject of the image should be placed (when applicable) in one of these locations. It is clear I did not follow this rule. Shame on me. At least I’m good looking, right?



  1. AU New Practice · September 9, 2014

    what is this for? so funny

    • ryanboera · September 9, 2014

      thanks for the like! I tend to ramble when I’m bored

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