The Worst Film Ever (*Also, Not Up For Debate)

Shark Attack 3 may be one of the worst movies ever. A trilogy of shark attack movies? Spoiler alert, the shark attacks the fisherman in film one, film two, and yes, you guessed it, film three. I must confess I did not see Shark Attack 1 or 2; however, I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the third movie any more having seen the first two. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have made it through the trilogy seeing that the films are so poorly made it makes me visibly angry.

This mistake of a film has terrible camera angles, music that doesn’t compare to Jaws or Tentacles so by process of elimination it is terrible, and it has terrible acting too. A trio of disappointment. This Israeli-South African co-production tries to portray a massive shark as this menacing, aquatic beast that destroys anything in its path. There is no story to follow and it is so unbelievable a plot that my three-month old cousin threw-up on the TV while the family was watching it over holiday break. No coincidence there.

Even writing about the damn film is painful. However, I’m all for taking positives out of unfortunate situations. So when you get laid off from a job, your cat dies, you drop your phone down the sewage grate, watch this film for a good laugh. It will remind you that life will always be better for you than the director and actors of this film. For the rest of their life they will have to live with the memory of making the worst movie that has ever disgraced the earth. Your life is better, trust me.

Now don’t ask me why we sat down and watched this film. I don’t remember the rhyme or reason behind our decision making, it just happened. I only got through about 30 minutes before I gave up, and even that is a long time. Please do not watch this film; it’s a waste of time. And for those brave souls that give it a try: you are all savages.

Can you think of a worse film? Please let me know.


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